Managing Operations and the Value Chain

This program is an exciting opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the core challenges that managers are confronted with when configuring their operating systems and supply chains. The program discusses the key sources of operational inefficiencies and provides effective strategies to overcome those inefficiencies and build resilient supply chains. It also highlights the latest industry trends and explores how to incorporate new technologies into a firm's existing operations.

Program Structure

  1. An Operations View on Value Creation
  2. Measuring and Understanding Operational Impact
  3. Balancing the Value and Costs of Operational Assets
  4. Upscaling and Downscaling
  5. Supply Chain Risk & Resilience
  6. Flexibility and Operational Hedging
  7. Strategic Postponement
  8. Continuous Process Improvement
  9. Embracing Innovation and New Technologies
  10. The Green Endeavor & Sustainability
  11. Modern Procurement

The above program structure should be viewed as an exemplary version of the program. Specific parts can be added to or removed from the program to accommodate specific needs of different companies.