This page provides a brief outline of the executive education programs that I have developed over the years and it offers an overview of the courses that I have taught in academic programs at various universities.


Executive Education 

I am currently offering the following two multi-day executive education programs, which can be tailored to the specific needs of any client company:

I have delivered customized versions of these programs to national and international companies from the automotive industry, the information and communications technology sector, the food and beverage industry, and the chemical and process industry. Please click on the program titles to receive a summary of their contents. If you are interested in any of the programs or want to learn more about them (or parts thereof), please contact me directly.

Academic Programs

Over the course of my career, I have taught the following courses in academic programs at various universities. Courses marked in red are in my current teaching portfolio at Frankfurt School.

  • New Product Development (MBA, MSc)
  • Innovation Management (EMBA, MSc)
  • Disruptive Business Models (MSc)
  • Operations Strategy (MSc)
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management (EMBA, MBA)
  • Inventory Management (MSc)
  • Linear Algebra (BSc)