Business Development through Innovation

This program is an exciting opportunity to learn and apply new concepts that will help managers advance their careers by developing, detailing, and communicating new business and product ideas more effectively. The program focuses on the internal company perspective of business development and teaches managers how to formulate a successful innovation strategy, how to compose promising innovation portfolios, how to drive business model innovation, and how to effectively manage innovation processes.

Program Structure

  1. Understanding Innovation
  2. Innovation Strategy
  3. Business Model Innovation
  4. Uncovering a Firm's Innovation Potential
  5. Building an Innovation Portfolio
  6. Valuing Concept Variety
  7. Managing the Innovation Process
  8. Competition in Innovation
  9. Measuring Innovation Performance
  10. Cost-driven vs. Performance-driven Innovation

The above program structure should be viewed as an exemplary version of the program. Specific parts can be added to or removed from the program to accommodate specific needs of different companies.